Self-Defense: Developing A Combat Mindset

Self-defense is a fight for your life. The only way to ensure you come out on top is preparation. Have you ever heard of having a combat mindset? Let me give you the best advice I can to help you save your life. Read, consume and absorb Principles of Personal Defense. Jeff Cooper, the founder of Gunsite, wrote this book and it costs less than 20 rounds of good defensive…

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Kyle DeFoor Talks Mindset

When we think about concealed carry and our everyday carry we tend to levitate towards all the cool gear, weapons, and clothing available. Not to take away from those, they play an important role in your loadouts. One of the more overlooked subjects when building your loadout is Mindset. We’ve all heard the term mindset and situational awareness before. Sometimes when we hear these terms we tend to ‘blow them…

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Self-Defense Tips: Living In “Condition Yellow”

Some years ago, Col. Jeff Cooper began to use the “Color Code” to signify conditions of awareness as it pertains to potential threats. White referred to a total lack of awareness. Yellow was used to signify relaxed alertness. Orange referred to having identified a potential threat. And Red was used when the potential threat was identified as an actual threat. Condition White should only exist when a person is sound…

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