Kyle DeFoor Talks Mindset

When we think about concealed carry and our everyday carry we tend to levitate towards all the cool gear, weapons, and clothing available. Not to take away from those, they play an important role in your loadouts. One of the more overlooked subjects when building your loadout is Mindset. We’ve all heard the term mindset and situational awareness before. Sometimes when we hear these terms we tend to ‘blow them off’ thinking that we are already aware of our surroundings and prepared to react if necessary, but are we really?

One of the best mindset talks I’ve ever heard was given by Kyle Defoor. I heard it first in the video below and again in person at one of his 2 day pistol classes. This is a serious subject that you need to take seriously, especially with all the active shooter events we’ve seen lately. If you value your security and the security of your loved ones you need to listen to what Kyle has to say, take notes if necessary, and determine where your mindset is and how far you are willing to go to ‘do the deed’.



Courtesy of Scott Witner

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