1-DAY | $225


This is an entry level course geared toward the civilian market seeking formal handgun training from industry professionals.  See More


1-DAY | $255


This course is designed to give the student a solid foundation on how to properly use the 1911 style pistol system as compared to other striker fired or double action semi-auto pistols. See More


1-DAY | $265


“The Advanced Carbine” is a comprehensive format centered on building a well rounded tactical rifle shooter and concentrates on the development of the “Combat Triad” See More


1-DAY | $255


The “Advanced Defensive Pistol” is comprehensive 1-Day course for the professional armed civilian, Law Enforcement or Military. This course will concentrate on refining the handgun fundamentals See More


2-DAY | $575


Vehicle stops are one of the most frequent interactions peace officers have with the public. They also put officers at a significant risk of being injured or killed by criminal offenders. See More


(CA POST Certified)
4-DAY | $550

This course will provide students with the information and hands-on experience needed to effectively instruct in the use of a tactical rifle, in a law enforcement setting. This will course will satisfy California POST requirement to instruct in the use of a tactical rifle (AR-15/M4), to include short barrel rifles as specified in Penal Code section 33220(b) and the Commission training requirement to possess long barrel rifles as specified in Commission Regulation 1081.

Prerequisite: Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer and completion of a CA POST or Federal Law Enforcement certified Firearms Instructor Course   (No Exceptions)

To register for this course, please contact via email: or call (909) 477-0156.


(CA POST Certified)
2-DAY | $375

The pistol mounted optics, Red Dot Sight (RDS) transition course is a comprehensive 2 day (16 hour) class geared to successfully transitioning the Law Enforcement Officer to the pistol mounted (RDS) Red Dot Sight system. Students will learn the features of the various RDS optics as well as the operation of the RDS optic including proper zeroing and routine maintenance.

The class will cover the advantages of the RDS. Dry practice as well as live fire drills will help the student develop the proper techniques to transition from multiple focal plane shooting to single focal plane target focused shooting. The student will also learn occluded optic alternatives, single hand manipulations, including reloading and malfunction clearances as well as alternative shooting positions.

Prerequisite: Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer

To register for this course, please contact via email: or call (909) 477-0156.


“The instructors are top notch.  The class size was just right so that each student got individually evaluated.  VERY tough standards.  It really pushed my ability.”

-Edmond D.

“What a great training program.  Small class size with a lot of 1-on-1 with very knowledgeable instructors.  We had first time gun owners to 30-year experienced shooters.  We all walked away from this training with a lot more skill and confidence.  I highly recommend this course and I will be taking the advanced course soon.”

-Mark H.

Marc and Clint,

I am taking you up on your offer to send an email regarding your recent 1911 Pistol Course at Prado Park. I have added my partner, Rob Wood in the email chain to include him in the discussion.

I wanted to begin by expressing my appreciation to you both. I walked away as a better shooter from your class. Thank you for sharing your experiences and expertise with us.

I enjoyed your company, your teaching styles and your curriculum. Your class was very informative, well presented and fun! I especially enjoyed the competitive qual and shoot you put us through. I proudly wear my shirt and hat!

The only point of improvement I have to offer is consider using a megaphone. There were times during the class where it was difficult to hear you guys with all the gunfire in the background.

Thank you again for sharing your time and wisdom. You helped me identify weak points that I already have begun working on. I look forward to attending another class of yours in the future.

May I respectfully request a copy of the qualification you put us through? Rob and I are instructors for the Department and the Swat Team. We would love to run that qual on our people.


– Brian C.